Friday, December 17, 2010

DLC Stuff :P :D

Yay! DLC has been great so far but I can’t believe it’s already half way through the year though awww . Ever since I have been in the DLC I feel I have changed a lot. I really think I have learned to expect more of my self and of others. I also feel I have learned to control my emotions a lot better, still need a little work on that though ha ha. Probably the project I’m most proud is my Stephen Crane project. I really like this one because I had ten people come up to me and say how cool it was I worked really hard on it and I did it by myself. This project was also very fun and was my favorite project because I got use my creativity and make it into something unlike I have ever made before. Because of that project I learned to always try to make my work stand out in the crowd, both from a students view and from a teachers view.
                         The thing I found most challenging though is working with people I usually don’t like or working with people that won’t listen to what I have to say most of the time because if I work with people I don’t like I usually won’t be willing to help them if they need it or I won’t be able to swallow my pride and ask that person for help, or if a person isn’t really willing to listen to me and kinda just bosses me around instead of listening to my ideas I tend to have to depend on the leader a lot or have the leader “spoon-feed” me during a project.
                                                      I think my favorite moment in class was when we were doing our Lincoln Douglas debate that a girl named Riley was completely dominating the other side and right when the other team thought their nightmare was over riley said….”AND NOW FOR THE REBUTALS!” and the whole class including me burst into laughter. Funniest moment ever in the DLC.
                                                                              I hope that in second semester that I can meet new people and find out what people are the best for me to work with ,who are the people that I don’t like to work with ,and who are the people that won’t work at all. Well there is my little montage of the DLC thanks for reading.
                                                                                           -Erin Hurley

Art ,live it ,love it ,create it…-Erin Hurley 


  1. Erin-
    I really liked reading your post because I feel like I know you better now, you mention great morals like expecting more from yourself and from others. It is important to be able to trust in others and also to trust in yourself, when projects come from nowhere you need to know who can be supportive, but not "spoon-feed" you. Working with people can be hard and when they are strong-minded people it can be difficult, and a compromise without tears isn't always possible. I know you are a very creative person and it really showed through your Stephen Crane Project, which I really liked. I really enjoyed how you mentioned Riley in the Lincoln-Douglas Debate, hilarious, thanks for bringing back that memory and making my day. :)

  2. Erin,
    I definitely think that your post conveyed your feelings very well. I also believe that you made yourself crystal clear that you didn't want to be bossed around, but you didn't do it in a mean way. Like most of the other people, I agree that your Stephen Crane project was wonderfully executed and was very neat to watch. That presentation showed who you were and how well you can do. Like you, I enjoy seeing art paintings, pictures, and sculptures. They bring out the creativeness in people, like I've seen with you. How did Riley pull that off? I don't know. Somehow, in a high intense moment, she made everyone crack up! That is definitely one of my most favorite moments in the DLC too. Have a happy second semester!

  3. Erin-
    You know how I love your funniest moment, what was you hardest or most heartfelt moment in DLC?