Thursday, February 17, 2011

Death of Arch Duke Ferdinand and Ring Around The Rosie

In 1881 A nursery ryhme called Ring Around The Rosie was published in Kate Greenway's Mother Goose. 33 years later Archduke Ferdinand was assasinated. Ring around the rosie has a very erie and mysterious relation to his death. This is the entire nursery rhyme: "Ring around the rosie, pocketful of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down.".The term ring around the rosie represnts a ring of people gathering around a rose on a grave. Pocketfuls of posies were layed on his grave for posies are usually put on graves.Since Archduke Ferdinand's assasination was arguably one of the main causes of World War I, the ashes represent ashes from bombs and smoke from fallen airplanes. And as for the phrase "we all fall down" that shows not only the death of soilders but the exhaustion of the citizens,countries, and governments.

"Art,live it,love it,create it..."-Erin Hurley

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Self Reflection:Reconstruction Debate

Q:How did I feel during planning this presentation? Why did I feel this way?
A:I felt very nervous because I was afraid of what my team members might think of my presentation.
Q:How did I feel prior to presenting? Why did I feel this way?
A:I felt calm but slightly jittery because I had a small part but I also heard what the grades where for the people before us and I was quite nervous.
Q:How did I feel while I was presenting? Why did I feel this way?
A:I felt clam and relaxed because I didn’t want to appear to be nervous while presenting.
Q:What did I personally do well?
A:I think my speaking was loud,clear,and steady.
Q:What did not go as desired in this presentation?
A:I wish I did not have technical difficulties with my keynote.
Q:On a scale from 1-10, how well do I think I understood the content? Explain.
A: Probably a 4 because I was very confused on most of the content that’s why I did the intro.
Q:How do I think my group members perceived me? Why do I think this?
A:I think my group members thought I did well based on the compliments received.
Q:How do I think the 8th graders perceived me? Why do I think this?
A:I think the 8th graders were pleased with my presentation due to the fact I received a few compliments from them.
Q:Knowing that I can only control how I act and react, if I could do this presentation again, what would I change about my actions to make it a more ideal experience?
A:I would probably want to speak a little louder when presenting next time.
Q:What are my strengths in groups?
A:My ingenuity,creativity,and cooperation are my strengths in groups.
Q:What areas do I need improvement?
A:I think I need to find answers myself instead of repeatedly asking the leader.
Q:What is the most important thing I learned about myself? Why is this so important?
A:Honestly, I don’t know.
Q:Are there any other things that I need to express?
A:I would love to do another project where I could express my artistic ability.

This will make you laugh:

Friday, December 17, 2010

DLC Stuff :P :D

Yay! DLC has been great so far but I can’t believe it’s already half way through the year though awww . Ever since I have been in the DLC I feel I have changed a lot. I really think I have learned to expect more of my self and of others. I also feel I have learned to control my emotions a lot better, still need a little work on that though ha ha. Probably the project I’m most proud is my Stephen Crane project. I really like this one because I had ten people come up to me and say how cool it was I worked really hard on it and I did it by myself. This project was also very fun and was my favorite project because I got use my creativity and make it into something unlike I have ever made before. Because of that project I learned to always try to make my work stand out in the crowd, both from a students view and from a teachers view.
                         The thing I found most challenging though is working with people I usually don’t like or working with people that won’t listen to what I have to say most of the time because if I work with people I don’t like I usually won’t be willing to help them if they need it or I won’t be able to swallow my pride and ask that person for help, or if a person isn’t really willing to listen to me and kinda just bosses me around instead of listening to my ideas I tend to have to depend on the leader a lot or have the leader “spoon-feed” me during a project.
                                                      I think my favorite moment in class was when we were doing our Lincoln Douglas debate that a girl named Riley was completely dominating the other side and right when the other team thought their nightmare was over riley said….”AND NOW FOR THE REBUTALS!” and the whole class including me burst into laughter. Funniest moment ever in the DLC.
                                                                              I hope that in second semester that I can meet new people and find out what people are the best for me to work with ,who are the people that I don’t like to work with ,and who are the people that won’t work at all. Well there is my little montage of the DLC thanks for reading.
                                                                                           -Erin Hurley

Art ,live it ,love it ,create it…-Erin Hurley